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Re: how to downgrade

On Sat, Nov 30, 2002 at 08:52:58PM -0800, Ashifi wrote:
> I just upgraded to the "unstable" branch, and although i've got Gnome 2 
> going, I can't get sawfish, nor any other window manager going. It 
> tells me it had an error with the authentication method, hence all my 
> applications open windowless (pretty annoying!)
> Should I downgrade? How can I install a window manager?

This is not really a powerpc question...

To see what packages are available for window managers,

apt-cache search x-window-manager

Gnome 2 is pretty new; probably you might find some posts in the last
month or so. But as a general rule, you should probably not be getting
into the unstable distribution unless you're pretty adept at handling
problems like this and worse. So, my .02 answer to your question
would be to downgrade.

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