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pbbuttonsd - daemon won't start


i just dumped my yellow dog 2.3 install in favour of a debian testing one :)

Its mostly going very well at the moment, but i've just been trying to get pbbuttonsd running. Running the /etc/init.d script fails silently, running it from the command line as root gives this:

ERROR: Can't find an input event queue for the keyboard in /dev/input/,  maybe permission denied

I found this previous thread on the same topic:


I tried apt-get -b source pbbuttonsd
I tried running the setenv script manually.
I tried cd dev; MAKEDEV input
I tried installing the deb from here: http://bourbaki.math.uni-kiel.de/~jpalic/debian/upload/

Still no joy... can anyone help?

( 2.4.18-newpmac, powerbook g4 400)



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