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Re: XFree86 config for tibook 667

christophe barbe wrote:
If I understand correctly we own the same laptop.
My linux experience is here:

The remaining problems for me are:
   No Suspend/Resume
   No TV out and external screen
   The HD never spin down (I have ext3 which keeps using the HD every 5 seconds)
   Strange comportement when wireless with a few applications [1].

If you have info on these topics, please inform me.

I think your laptop is also the same as mine...

Concerning the suspend mode :
- be sure to have the correct kernel options (not a big issue, the defaults in the benh tree are OK)
- be sure you installed the pmud package.
- be sure to have the /dev/apm_bios entry. If you don't have it you should create it with MAKEDEV apm
-use in your /etc/X11/XF86Config the following line
  Option          "UseFBDev"

I think that's it. when it works closing the lid shuts down the apple, puts it on again for some seconds, then gets back to sleep. Opening it, the screen looks scrambled some seconds, then once the acceleration is back on, it it is back. Suspend mode is my favorite iBook feature.

Concerning the external screen issue, by tweaking the XF86Config (see the howto for xinerama) I managed to wake up my external screen, but I had my LCD panel scrambled, and I think that it used a bad frequency since it started whisteling, so I killed the X server and stopped my tests there.
Maybe I'll try again later, I haven't heard of anybody making it work.

No problem with airport (I don't use a base, just a wireless adapter on my router)

Same HD issue.


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