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Re: XFree86 config for tibook 667

Le dim 10/11/2002 à 14:26, Marc Menem a écrit :
> christophe barbe wrote:
> > If I understand correctly we own the same laptop.
> > My linux experience is here:
> >    http://cattlegrid.net/~christophe/titanium/
> > 
> > The remaining problems for me are:
> >    No Suspend/Resume
> >    No TV out and external screen
> >    The HD never spin down (I have ext3 which keeps using the HD every 5 seconds)
> >    Strange comportement when wireless with a few applications [1].
> > 
> > If you have info on these topics, please inform me.
> > 
> I think your laptop is also the same as mine...

Clearly not.
Mine is a TiBook III.
On this model the suspend/resume is NOT working because of the ATI M7

For my airport problem It disappears when I turn down the 128 bits
encryption on the base station. I more a mozilla http bug than anything

Thanks anyway,

> Concerning the suspend mode :
> - be sure to have the correct kernel options (not a big issue, the 
> defaults in the benh tree are OK)
> - be sure you installed the pmud package.
> - be sure to have the /dev/apm_bios entry. If you don't have it you 
> should create it with MAKEDEV apm
> -use in your /etc/X11/XF86Config the following line
>    Option          "UseFBDev"
> I think that's it. when it works closing the lid shuts down the apple, 
> puts it on again for some seconds, then gets back to sleep. Opening it, 
> the screen looks scrambled some seconds, then once the acceleration is 
> back on, it it is back. Suspend mode is my favorite iBook feature.
> Concerning the external screen issue, by tweaking the XF86Config (see 
> the howto for xinerama) I managed to wake up my external screen, but I 
> had my LCD panel scrambled, and I think that it used a bad frequency 
> since it started whisteling, so I killed the X server and stopped my 
> tests there.
> Maybe I'll try again later, I haven't heard of anybody making it work.
> No problem with airport (I don't use a base, just a wireless adapter on 
> my router)
> Same HD issue.
> Marc

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