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Re: weird airport


Thomas Kerpe (thomas@kerpe.net) schrieb:

> On Montag, Oktober 7, 2002, at 05:05  Uhr, J. Volkmann wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >Changing the state of the airport card via "iwconfig eth1 mode Ad-Hoc"
> >do adhoc mode works fine, we can connect afterwards.
> >
> >But then the weird things begin:
> >1. If we trasnfer much data (e.g. scp some stuff around) after some 
> >time
> >the interface has a timeout and the prozess ksoftirqd_CPU0 produces
> >around 90% CPU usage. If I try with ifconfig eth1 down it works. But
> >then there is no possibility of bringing it back to life. A ifconfig
> >eth1 up or ifup eth1 just produces a "SIOCSIFLAGS: Connection timed
> >out". The eth1 is back on afterwards but not in Ad-Hoc mode, trying to
> >switch it to adhoc mode doesn't work. It _does_ "work", but the
> >output of "iwconfig" looks afterwards like this:
> >
> >It can only be solved by rebooting which is hardly possible in class 
> >:-/
> Try to unload the module and load it again.
> I have a simmilar problem in a managed Network.
Sure works, but this isn't a really "good" solution. I made a script for
that, so it works but I still sometimes get the errors when transferring
massive data in Ad-Hoc mode.

mfG Johannes

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