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Re: Woody iBook 2 700 MHz with radeon works!

At 16:30 +0200 9/27/02, Markus Rosenstihl wrote:
>After more than one week messing up with my iBook to get accelerated X
>working,I figured it out how to do it. As the information how to do it
>was spread all over the net, I think it would bee a could idea to write
>down what i have done. I hope this is the right list for this.
>Thanks a lot for all the peaple gave me the information!!
>I would like to provide more links but I don't find them so fast.

 [ install description ]
>PS: Some comments or additions would be nice!

Contact one the authors of the webpages you used
and provide them with your additions.

Geert St

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