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Re: GNOME won't start with startx

First off, thanks for the replies! I've been going nuts over this, and it's great to know that there are people out there whoi are willing to help :) OK, so last night I gutted my systemm and started over with testing, as reccommended (and I think I fixed the wrapping issue too :). I'm back to testing now, and everything is working fine, except that startx still won't launch GNOME (even after adding 'gnome-session' to my ~/.session file). This confuses me, as I thought I had purged most of the relevant configs. Did GNOME 2 mess with something in nasty ways?

> Anyway, you should definitely not be running on the bleeding edge of
> things if you don't understand the way they work already. I think the
> right way for you to 'fix' this is to remove all X packages, downgrade
> sources.list to stable or possibly testing, and then re-install X and
> gnome. The unstable and experimental distributions are really for
> those who know what they're into! Believe me, if you can't even wrap
> your lines in a mail properly, you're in big trouble with unstable :-)
Will Cicola

Do not fear the penguins, for they are allies of peace, truth, and

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