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Re: GNOME won't start with startx

On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 10:16:22AM -0400, Will Cicola wrote:
> Ack! So I've been running unstable for a while, and decided to I triy to install GNOME 2 using the experimental pacakges (that was really reckless; I know), and fouled the whole thing up. After a long ordeal, I managed to get GNOME working again, but now the only way to get into it is through gdm. Before, 'startx' would load up a nice GNOME desktop for me; now that command simply loads the "grey screen with x cursor" without seeming to actually load anything GNOME-related. (ps confirms this.) How can I fix my setup so that 'startx' will load GNOME once more? (I did try it as another user, and that didn't work either, so I think it must be a global thing. Also, strangely enough, it won't work with kdm either.) Thanks in advance--gdm is OK, but it takes forever to load. (I'm on an iBook 600 DVD with the Rage 128, if that helps in any way.)

Something it took me months to figure out: the grey screen with X cursor
is really twm. You can use the cursor to select menus.

Anyway, you should definitely not be running on the bleeding edge of
things if you don't understand the way they work already. I think the
right way for you to 'fix' this is to remove all X packages, downgrade
sources.list to stable or possibly testing, and then re-install X and
gnome. The unstable and experimental distributions are really for
those who know what they're into! Believe me, if you can't even wrap
your lines in a mail properly, you're in big trouble with unstable :-)

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