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MOL, GNOME 2 and so on

1) I got the MOL 0.96.5 debs (mol and mol-modules-source, I had to
compile the modules my hand because of my handmade kernel) at
http://people.debian.org/~daenzer/mol/ and now sheep networking isn't

In the mol-modules I compiled there are: mol.o, molsymglue.o and
In the mol-modules-2.4.19 provided by daenzer there are: mol.o,
molsymglue.o, sheep.o, ethertap.o and tun.o

Is there something I forgot?

2) Is it just with me or in the latest GNOME 2 update from sid the
gnome-panel "lost" the place of the apps menu? It only shows Debian and
KDE menus.

Cesar Cardoso - cesar@cesarcardoso.tk - www.cesarcardoso.tk
"Juiz é juiz, bandeirinha é bandeirinha"
(Galvão Bueno)

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