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Re: Powerpc Newbie (linux oldie)

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 14:20:06 -0700, Wilhelm *Rafial* Fitzpatrick composed:
> At 2:20 PM -0400 9/10/02, <cwhmlist@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> >2.  How do you get around the fact that the ibook only has one 
> >button?  Many of the window managers have menus set to 
> >right/left/double clicks.
> The method I use on my TiBook is to activate the kernel's mouse 
> button emulation feature and assign mouse buttons 2 and 3 to keys on 
> the keyboard.  In my case, I have assigned them F10 & F11.  To do 
> this, add the following lines to /etc/sysctl.conf
> dev.mac_hid.mouse_button_emulation=1
> dev.mac_hid.mouse_button2_keycode=68
> dev.mac_hid.mouse_button3_keycode=87
> You may need to fiddle a bit to find the right keycodes matching the 
> keys you want to assign as mouse buttons.  I'd give more detailed 
> instructions, but I forgot how I did it once I got it working.  I 
> think I may have used the showkey utility.

yup, showkey is the util to use. also (dunno about whether F12 exists on an ibook 
kbd) but you can use 87 and 88 for those emulated keys -- which
corresponds to F11 and F12, respectively. i'm not sure if the dots will 
work but if it doesn't work try with slashes. here's mine before i got 
a logitech mouseman (do they exist for left-handed people?)


and another alternate (F13 and F14)

also see man sysctl / sysctl.conf, and sysctl --help for more info.

not meaning to blab away ^_^

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