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.config for rsync'd linux-2.4-benh (dragged down tonight)

first time kernel-building on ppc. i grabbed benh's rsync kernel. i have an
ibook, 600mhz, w/14 inch screen, cdrw/dvd et cetera. 

anybody have a similar box, a working benh kernel {side question--how do i
tell which version i grabbed off of rsync?}, and care to share their .config
with me? i have no extra external devices that i need special configuration
for. just the cdrw/dvd, for usb to work for my external mouse, onboard
ethernet & my airport card, sound (of course), and hopefully the modem.

i tried the listmodem.sh off marc's conexant driver site and got "no conexant
modems found". 

currently running 2.4.18-newpmac


how often do the 2.4.x-newpmac binary kernel images update?


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