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PowerBook G4 (TiBook)


Finally I came around to install debian on my PowerBook G4. Now, I have
some questions concerning Xfree86.

1) The Radeon Issue. 
	I found some information about people who got Xfree running with
	the radeon driver, not only with fbdev (Its working with FBDev,
	but KDE3 is sloooooow)
	Is is possible? And how?

2) Keyboard Issue
	I have a german keyboard layout which is working fine on öäü,
	but not on the pipe, (at). How can i get this?

Info about my system:
G4 550 (1152x786)
Radeon Mobility M6
kernel: 2.4.20-pre4-ben0

Thanks  a lot.

Greetings Robert

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