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Re: PowerBook G4 (TiBook)

> 1) The Radeon Issue. 
> 	I found some information about people who got Xfree running with
> 	the radeon driver, not only with fbdev (Its working with FBDev,
> 	but KDE3 is sloooooow)
> 	Is is possible? And how?

If it's *really* slow you're probably using the openfirmware frame
buffer.  I've had a powerbook gigibit and currently a powerbook DVI;
using radeonfb for X was actually zippy.   If you want 3D support,
you'll need to grab the latest DRI trunk and re-compile your kernel to
*exclude* DRM (you need a newer module).  The process has been described 
many times on this list, check the archives.

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