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Re: My Debian Woody installation won't boot

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 10:58:50PM +0100, Dave Turner wrote:

> and the final remark from Chris:-
> >What's your /etc/yaboot.conf look like?
> If I knew where I might find the /etc/yaboot.conf and how to look at 
> it I would tell you what it looks like.
> I did  a bit more fiddling about after writing the above.
> If I use "boot hd:7,yaboot" from Open Firmware prompt to boot the 
> copy of yaboot on the Mac OS partition then yaboot opens up, 
> complains about being run from a Mac OS partition instead of the 
> bootstrap partition, then complains about the lack of yaboot.conf.
> So I rebooted into Mac OS and put yaboot.conf on there as well.
> Back into Open Firmware and "boot hd:7,yaboot".
> I get the same complaints about not being run from bootstrap and 
> yaboot.config complains about not being able to find stuff. It looks 
> as though the system really does want to find something on hd:2 = 
> 800K bootstrap but it is not there.
> The version of yaboot and yaboot.conf were those copied from the 
> Debian install CD. yaboot.conf is 4K dated May 16 2002. yaboot is 
> version 1.3.6 dated dec 13 2001.

OK, so you'll be able to boot the installer if you add a couple more files 
to your MacOS volume, namely root.bin and linux.bin from the CD. Then 
do the "boot hd:7,yaboot" and that will get you back in the installer.

Somehow, I guess your bootstrap partition doesn't get set up with the 
yaboot file, yaboot.conf, and ofboot.b. You could verify this in the 
installer by switching to console 2 (Alt-F2), and

mount -t hfs /dev/hda2 /mnt
ls /mnt

to see what's there. If mount gives you an error, then probably 
the partition wasn't even initialized.

umount /mnt

Switch back to the menu (Alt-F1), and run Make Hard Disk Bootable.
then switch back to console 2 and repeat the mount, see if stuff is 
there now.

If it's not, that is totally strange. Maybe you can get more information
by running mkofboot manually:

cp /target/etc/yaboot.conf /etc/yaboot.conf
mkofboot -v

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