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Re: backup methods

Lars Noodén wrote:

I've been trying this on a running system, perhaps that's why tar doesn't work. I guess I could try the restore after booting from a floppy disk instead when using an old world macintosh.

However, I'd like to avoid a boot-disk dependent method because the G4 I will eventually use does not have a floppy drive. Would there be a way to boot from the install CD and then mount & restore the HD? I

Sure. There's no difference between floppy and cd in that regard, as long as you can make a bootable cd. And from what I understand of macintoshes that's no problem. I have prep and pop ppc's, so have mixed feelings towards cd's ;-).Where do you store the backups? (do you need anything special to get it to work, like nfs/smb/appletalk/hfs/vfat/whatever?).

Anyway, I'm sure the good people here will be able to help you set things up in a nice working environment :-)

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