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Re: My Debian Woody installation won't boot

Wait...your bootstrap partition is 2? How did you partition your hard drive? Did you delete ALL the partitions that were in the original map? I'm no expert by any means, but I do remember clearly that the first eight or so partitions were taken up by hard disk drivers. Perhaps that could be related to the problem?

They're only needed for MacOS.

OK, here's the partition table.

1 Apple_partition_map Apple            63@1
2     Apple_Bootstrap bootstrap      1600@30506881  800K
3   Apple_Driver_ATA* Macintosh	     54@64
4   Apple_Driver_ATA* Macintosh	     74@118
5  Apple_Driver_IOKit Macintosh       512@192
6       Apple_Patches Patch Partition 512@704
7           Apple HFS                            500MB
8           Apple HFS				   1GB
9           Apple HFS                              2GB
10          Apple HFS                              4GB
11          Apple HFS                              7.2GB
12    Apple_UNIX_SVR2 Linux       9112000@30508481 4-ishGB
13    Apple_UNIX_SVR2 swap         512000@29620481 250MB
14         Apple_Free Extra            22@40132481

the 880K bootstrap is logical partition 2 as required (pdisk actually works!) even though physically it number 11. My mac system has a 500MB bootable partition so that when it has to be checked out for errors it is a quick scan of 500MB and not a slow crawl over the 15 or so GB I have allowed it to use of the 20GB disk I put in there.

I did do another re-install when I got home - same result, a grey screen and nothing happens. Install again and Debian install knows there is a swap partition but thinks it has not been "initialized and activated". so I do it again, ditto the actual Linux partition.

The boot thingy in Open Firmware is set to hd:2,\\tbxi - which I have to boot of the Mac OS 9.1 CD-ROM every time I get a freeze. Booting from the Debian Install CD starts up the install again. As you would expect I suppose.

The yaboot HOWTO from penguinppc says I can edit something in yaboot and not to panic when it won't boot- but as I can't get to it I don't see this is any use to me... Even then it expects yaboot to work when I type in "boot hd:2,yaboot".

So the big questions remain :-
What is stopping yaboot from working?
Has anybody got Woody working on a Rev A iMac?


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