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Re: My Debian Woody installation won't boot

Dave Turner wrote:
Thanks for the rapid reply to my iMac boot problem.

Armed with the new knowledge that it is yaboot and I have been typing yahboot I had another go in Open Firmware.

I made very sure I typed "boot hd:2,yaboot" this time, and I waited, and waited.

Still didn't work.

Tonight when I get in from work I will re-install yet again and see if it works.


I may be way off the mark, but I believe yaboot is generally used from an HFS partition (but not HFS+). However, partition 2 would not be an appropriate partition on which to find yaboot (because an HFS partition would require driver partitions in the lower-numbered partitions).

It's been several weeks since I've done my only install on a Mac, so my memory may be rusty, but I believe the above is accurate.


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