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Re: linux-ppc on Quadra with Power Macintosh Upgrade Card??

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 03:28:27PM -0400, John Wiggins wrote:
> Has anyone had success getting ppc linux running on a Mac Quadra with a 
> PPC601 based Power Macintosh Upgrade card? 
> How does one of these beasts look to BootX? Is there any hope?

My guess is that it would look like some of the crappy ppc boxes
that are effectively upgraded 68k machines from the factory. If
anything, take a look at the nubus-pmac project (on SourceForge).
It doesn't look like they currently support such things, but
they would be much closer to it than the main pmac porting effort,
which is primarily for the PCI based machines.

	Brad Boyer

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