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Re: Woody on IBM pSeries 630 (POWER4)


Tom Gall wrote:
JP Glutting wrote:

What are the trade-offs for 64 vs. 32 bit kernels?

32 won't work on that hardware. Sorry. 8-(

Ouch.. But it is possible to run the 32-bit compiled software in "userspace", or am I completely off the track here?

How much trouble will it be to compile source from unavailable packages
on this computer?

Unavailable packages? huh? Not sure what you mean here?

Well, I am assuming that Debian has binaries that work on the POWER4 as well as other PPC chips, although that may not be the case. Any information would be helpful.

I guess what I meant were things that are not available in Debian (we have to compile lots of little bioinformatics tools we can get the source to). Of course, we have other machines we can use these for, so that should not be too much of an issue, but are there any big compiler issues with the POWER4?

Actually, what might be good to hear is what steps I need to take to get a working Debin installation on a p630, starting from scratch. I need to compile (cross-compile?) a kernel (or get one that is already compiled), make boot disks, and do the install. What am I missing? What problems am I going to run into?

Thanks again,


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