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Woody on IBM pSeries 630 (POWER4)


I am trying to figure out how much work it will be to get Debian working on an IBM pSeries 630 (with a one-way POWER4). We are getting one here at work, and we will be transfering our software from our current server, a dual Athlon, onto that. IBM has worked some things out with RedHat and SuSE for installations of Linux after shipment. I contacted the SuSE folks, and they said that they have a working 64-bit compiled kernel that should work.

I have a few questions for the list:

Does Debian have a kernel that will work on this chip?

What are the trade-offs for 64 vs. 32 bit kernels?

How much trouble will it be to compile source from unavailable packages on this computer?

Thanks for any help!



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