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Re: Request information - Demande d'information

On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 07:07:07PM +0200, Claude BONFANTI wrote:
> 	Hello, 
> 	I have bought few weeks ago an IBM RS/6000 43P workstation. 
> 	I wanted to change the operating system for Debian. So I looked on
> the website to find where to download the corresponding ISO files to my
> workstation model.
> 	I must admit that it is much more easier for Intel ... I am
> completely lost.
> 	Could you help me? Tell me exactly what I am supposed to download,
> and where can I find it?
> 	Thanks a lot.
> 	Sincerely,
> 	Claude BONFANTI

We are trying to get an install package working. Search the list arvhives 
for the last few weeks, there have been several posts about the 6000 
including a rough HOWTO. We'd like to refine it.

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