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Re: Request information - Demande d'information

Claude BONFANTI wrote:

Hello, I have bought few weeks ago an IBM RS/6000 43P workstation. I wanted to change the operating system for Debian. So I looked on
the website to find where to download the corresponding ISO files to my
workstation model.
	I must admit that it is much more easier for Intel ... I am
completely lost.
	Could you help me? Tell me exactly what I am supposed to download,
and where can I find it?

	Thanks a lot.

Hmm, 43p what? Model 7248? I've got a few of those running (and one lying in the closet without disk and cdrom because I'm testing SCSI on the AmigaOne. Me bad. Really bad). The last time I checked the boot floppy didn't work (the infamous scsi bug). This does work, though:


Then grab the root floppy for PReP from Debian and force a floppy boot from the carolina bootimage.

More information can be found here: (how to boot from floppy etc.)


The kernel source you get from apt-get install kernel-source-2.4.x compiles just fine on these machines, and the root floppy for PReP installs via the net for you. Getting a CD is ok as well, but I don't know how to make a CD bootable for this arch. Start off with those two floppies, and we'll see if things work.

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