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Re: KeyMappings in Windowmaker

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 05:09:50PM -0700, Shawn Dunn wrote:
> Hey all, have a couple questions....
> I have in front of me, a Performa 6360 running sarge with an ADB
> keyboard (apple extended II), and ther default keymapping for meta (I
> think) is the alt/option key.  Now the IRC program I prefer to use is
> EPIC in an X-term, and alt-# (where # is window number) switches between
> windows, now in windowmaker, the same key combination switches
> workspaces, if I run Konsole and tell windowmaker to not bind the
> keyboard shortcuts, my IRC window switching works fine.  BUT, I prefer
> to use E-Term (less resources, smaller window, prettier IMHO), and in
> E-term, no matter what I do, the alt-# combination won't work, sooooo,
> what I want to do, is remap the meta-key for X to the command key on
> this keyboard (apple key, racetrack key, whatever), I haven't the
> foggiest notion how to accomplish this.   Anybody have any idea??????

Use "esc-1" to create a meta-1 which can be understood by EPIC.


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