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Re: SCSI emulation option rejected by the kernel.

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 08:08:53PM +0100, William R Sowerbutts wrote:
> Exclude IDE CD ROM support from the kernel, and include IDE SCSI emulation
> support instead. Also include SCSI CD ROM support. Then there is no need for
> these boot-time options, since the IDE layer passes the ATAPI device directly
> to the SCSI CD ROM drivers (since there is no IDE CD ROM driver to accept it).

The question is why.

Before I had the same kernel configuration than now, but there is
something it has changed in an stable release.

With rc5-ben0 the ide-scsi option was accepted by the kernel. Now it
says you have to use hdX=scsi option instead.

None of them work, and it means I have to change my kernel

I think that is crap. It means something is wrong along the way.
Something that should not be...


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