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Re: Airport weirdness with GUI web browsers?

Anybody experiencing weirdness with web browsing in particular with moz
or galeon over airport? Pages just spin and spin and spin, while other
network actions (mail, irc, im) aren't problematic at all.

Hmm... I just switched over to wireless on my 1st Gen TiBook, and so far its been rock solid. What does iwconfig report the link quality it? I know on my machine if it drops down to the mid-fifties the connection starts getting a little flaky.

Debian 3.0, 2.4.19-newpmac, XFS, iBook2 (first rev.)

I'm using a 2.417 kernel at the moment, but I'm planning to update to 2.4.19 tonight. I'll let the list know if I see any weirdness as a result.

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