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Airport weirdness with GUI web browsers?

Anybody experiencing weirdness with web browsing in particular with moz 
or galeon over airport? Pages just spin and spin and spin, while other 
network actions (mail, irc, im) aren't problematic at all.

Pages tend to load mostly, usually spinning on images. If I select an
image and load it individually, then go back, the page is fine, fully
loaded. Then, after a while, I get almost no response at all. 

When I'm connected via my ethernet port, I get flawless browsing.

Debian 3.0, 2.4.19-newpmac, XFS, iBook2 (first rev.)


P.S. While I was trying to send this, apparently, my airport connection
just flaked out completely, so I had to get wired again. Bummer.

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