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Re: modem, mol, gnome session on Pismo/woody

Chris Tillman wrote:
run "apt-get build-dep mol-modules-source" (and maybe "apt-get install
build-essential" as well)

Thanks, it was a good point.
Compilation works well now, but dpkg -i ... ends with error message
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules...dmasound/dmasound_pmac.o

What kind of error is this ?

That 's a module you're asking to load, which it can't find. You can probably
correct it with modconf.

Thanks for your help.

dmasound adds correctly,
dmasound_pmac makes the same error line :-(

in the .config for compiling the benh kernel, i have

Help again please...

Jean-Christophe Michel

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