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Re: Install manual ? 5.3 Booting from floppies

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 10:21:39AM +0200, Lars Nood?n wrote:
> Hi,
> First, what key sequence must one use to force a boot from floppy on 
> an old-world macintosh?  (and which of fn/ctrl/alt/"apple") 
> correspond to "cmd" and "opt"
> Second, it would be really nice to have this information in the 
> installation manual.  It could fit in section 5.3 "Booting from 
> floppies" since that is relevant nearly exclusively for old-world 
> macintoshes.

As the other poster mentioned, it boots from floppy if one is present. 
Your real problem may be trying to boot from a rescue.bin floppy instead
of hfs-boot-floppy.img? I will add a short explanation in the manual 
that Mac floppy drives operate differently from the rest of the world.
The floppy must be inserted in the drive before booting; and if the
floppy is bootable it will use it. If not, it will eject it and search
for a bootable system on the hard drive. 

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