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Re: Woody on IBM RS/6000 7025 F50

El mié, 07-08-2002 a las 05:58, George Karaolides escribió:
> [...]
> I would have expected the kernel that comes with the woody chrp install
> floppies to have been compiled for chrp.  Is it not?  If so, I need to
> find other installation disks, or cross-compile my own kernel.
> I only have Intel machines running Debian on which to compile a kernel,
> and I've never cross-compiled before.  An initial attempt failed with
> an error message about the file ppc--gcc not existing.
> So:
> - Is the kernel on the Debian woody chrp install diskettes really not
> suitable for my chrp machine?

AFAIK, there is one but it works with CHRP only, not CHRP64 as
RS/6000 based on Power3 (44P 170, 44P 270).  The better way:
try it :-)

> - Any suggestions on where I might locate a suitable kernel or set of
> install disks?

You can use a kernel provide by SuSE:

I explain that in a previous mail:

> - Failing that, any pointers on how to cross-compile a suitable kernel on
> Intel x86?

I think is not necessary, but you can find it at

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