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Terminal Server checkup

Thought my complete computing environnement will change in the next 6 month I have to check up if I have to be prepared to buy new stuff. I have choosen to only have one computer in the house and all other access this with there X-Terminals. That means for my that I do only need one Internetaccess and I only have to upgrade the Hardware _once_. But the common HowTos and texts left me in the rain if it comes to hardware requirements. Hope you can help me.

I'll use my current workhorse as the Host for all:
PowerMac G4 800MHz
40GB int. IDE HD
2nd 6GB IDE HD
ext. 20 GB FireWire HD

Now that I got a little scared from te UNIX Hardware buyer HowTo I'm asking myself if I should buy a fast SCSI Controller and a 9GB SCSI HD for the root/boot and swap partition and upgrade my machine to 1GB RAM. Would that be worth it? What else of stuff can improve the X-Performance?

Now it comes to the Terminals. I need a quite one andd I only have a PowerMac 6500 here on my side. What does it cost to produce an X-Termianal that is capapble of VGA MOnitors and can run a 17" at 1024x768@16bpp? Can I use my PowerMac 6500 for such? I mean is it possible to quite it down and if yes what kind of parts would have to be replaced?

And then some minor questions:
-Is there FireWire Supprt in the 2.4.xx Kernels?
-Whats about my USB ISDN Adpater Draytek miniVIGOR?
-What is the optimal partitioning scheme for such a Server?
-Has anyone experiences with such a constellation and can tell me his experiences to use a X-Host for SoHo? -I want to hear some Music while working is it possible to hear mp3's via earphone output on a Terminal via Network? -What can I do to improve Network performance? (Use a switch? There only 2 users) -What kind of stuff do I not have to install, stuff thats not useable for a X-Host?
-How to hotswap IDE Drives?

Hope you can help me get it setup ;-). Maybe I'll use Debian...(50:50 Chance Debian vs. LFS&gentoo)
Falk Husemann

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