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Re: Upgrade or change whole Computer?

On Sun, Aug 04, 2002 at 12:17:59PM +0200, Falk Husemann wrote:
> Hello!
> Here I have a PowerMac 6500/275 running PPC Linux and KDE 2.2.1 now that 
> I will convert totally to Linux in the next 2 years I wants to get some 
> stuff done with it but therefor its  simply to slow with KDE 2 on my 
> machine. Now I could use another desktop environnement or simply a 
> windowmanager but I'm fine with my configuration.
> Here is the HW config:
> PowerMac 6500/275
> 64MB RAM
> 20GB FUjitsu HD (7200rpm/2048kb Cache)
> internal Video
> Another option beside Upgrading would be to use my G4 for LInux but I 
> dont know if it is possible (and how) to dual-boot Linux and Mac OS X. 
> If anyone of you had some tips I coud eventually change in fewer time to 
> Linux than expected.

yaboot is designed to boot Mac OSX, as well as other systems. The only
difficulty I'm aware of, is that you should install Linux last,
because the OSX _installation_ messes up the Linux install. But once
it's all set up, I haven't heard any complaints and I think there are
some people who've mentioned on the list that they boot both.

Certainly the G4 would boost your performance by probably 10x, I would

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