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Upgrade or change whole Computer?

Here I have a PowerMac 6500/275 running PPC Linux and KDE 2.2.1 now that I will convert totally to Linux in the next 2 years I wants to get some stuff done with it but therefor its simply to slow with KDE 2 on my machine. Now I could use another desktop environnement or simply a windowmanager but I'm fine with my configuration.

Here is the HW config:
PowerMac 6500/275
20GB FUjitsu HD (7200rpm/2048kb Cache)
internal Video

Another option beside Upgrading would be to use my G4 for LInux but I dont know if it is possible (and how) to dual-boot Linux and Mac OS X. If anyone of you had some tips I coud eventually change in fewer time to Linux than expected.

Falk Husemann

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