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Re: Upgrade or change whole Computer?

On Sunday, August 4, 2002, at 05:16 , Chris Tillman wrote:
yaboot is designed to boot Mac OSX, as well as other systems. The only
difficulty I'm aware of, is that you should install Linux last,
because the OSX _installation_ messes up the Linux install. But once
it's all set up, I haven't heard any complaints and I think there are
some people who've mentioned on the list that they boot both.

I have been dual-booting OSX and Linux with yaboot on my 500 MHz
TiBook with no problems.  I installed OSX (over OS 9) after Linux
had already been installed on my system for some time, and OSX
switched the default boot partition from yaboot to its own. To fix it, all
I had to do was boot while holding the [option] key, select and boot the
yaboot partition, and re-run ybin in Linux. My OSX and OS 9 installs share
the same HFS+ partition, so YMMV if you have them on separate partitions.


Ask not what your computer can do for you, but what you need to do
to your computer to get it to do what it does for you.

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