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Re: New - Newbie apt-get question

On Wednesday 31 July 2002 10:42 am, deFreese, Barry wrote:
> O.K. so I'm trying to keep this thread alive :-).
> When I run apt-get install kde, I keep getting messages that it fails
> to pull down some files and then it says:
> E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try
> with --fix-missing?
> I have run apt-get update and it changes nothing.  I have looked
> through the man pages for apt-get and can find no reference to
> --fix-missing?  Any clues??

The package "kde" is probably some kind of "virtual package" and is 
quite small.  I am not real clear on just what the package "kde" is.  
It is probably easiest to do a query on the package list to see all 
available kde packages and then select those that you need.  To do 
this, type the following:

dpkg -l "kde*"

Then you should get a listing of all the kde packages.  Say like you 
want kmail, then you can "apt-get install kmail" and it will install 
kmail along with all the other dependencies required.   Any other kde 
packages you would like can be installed subsequently.  Here is a 
listing of the kde packages I have installed on my system:

golden:/home/jas# dpkg -l "kde*" | grep ii
ii  kde            2.2.25         The K Desktop Environment
ii  kdebase        2.2.2-14       KDE core applications
ii  kdebase-audiol 2.2.2-14       KDE audio libraries amd modules for 
ii  kdebase-crypto 2.2.2-2        KDE crypto control module
ii  kdebase-dev    2.2.2-14       KDE core applications (development 
ii  kdebase-doc    2.2.2-14       Documentation for Applications in 
ii  kdebase-libs   2.2.2-14       KDE libraries and modules for kdebase
ii  kdelibs-dev    2.2.2-13.woody KDE core libraries (development files)
ii  kdelibs3       2.2.2-13.woody KDE core libraries (runtime files)
ii  kdelibs3-bin   2.2.2-13.woody KDE core binaries (binary files)
ii  kdelibs3-crypt 2.2.2-6        KDE core crypto libraries
ii  kdelibs3-cups  2.2.2-13.woody KDE print system (CUPS support)
ii  kdepalettes    2.2.2-5        palettes that match the KDE standard 
ii  kdepasswd      2.2.2-9        A Password changer frontend for KDE
ii  kdepim-dev     2.2.2-5        KDE PIM applications (development 
ii  kdepim-libs    2.2.2-5        KDE libraries amd modules for kdepim
ii  kdessh         2.2.2-4.1      Frontend to ssh for KDE
ii  kdevelop       2.1.2-0kde2.2- An IDE for Unix/X11
ii  kdevelop-data  2.1.2-0kde2.2- Platform independent data files for 
the kdev
ii  kdevelop-doc   2.1.2-0kde2.2- Documentation for the kdevelop package
ii  kdewallpapers  2.2.2-14       Some wallpapers for KDE

John Schmidt

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