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Re: Newbie install problems - Please help

On  26 Jul, this message from Brad Lipinski echoed through cyberspace:
> Further work.  I copied the whole CD to a partition on the hard drive.  I
> then re-downloaded the lib6_2.2.5_6powerpc.deb from Debian.  I over rode the
> one on that came from the CD.  I re-did the install installing from the hard
> disk.  Same error.  So what ever is causing this file to corrupt is a
> different file or it is something with my hardware.
> Granted this is a Mac clone but I didn't think it would be a problem.  Also
> it is upgraded to a G3 450 Mhz from a 210 Mhz 604e.  Are there any know
> problems with processor upgrades on Macs and installing Linux?

Hmm, if you still have the original processor, then give it a try. There
can theoretically be some problems with software not meant for a G3, but
that _should_ not be problem in your case. It might be for OF, but
that's long gone when you install...

On the other hand, some systems were rather sensitive to hardware
changes. You never know...



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