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Re: Bug#153948: Need help with afio on powerpc

Stephen van Egmond (svanegmond@tinyplanet.ca) wrote:
> It seems my patch is half-assed.  I'm going to pursue all the
> warnings issued by -Wall, and issue a new patch shortly.

I've been testing afio on ppc some more, trying to sort out 
the difference between 64-bit settings and regular 32.  I'll denote
afio compiled with  -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE too be
"afio64", and the one compiled without as afio32.

So far:

1. archives produced by afio64 and afio32 are identical
2. afio64 IS able to extract (what it calls install) archives just fine.
3. afio64 is NOT able to "test" an archive.  It gets a few files
  into the archive testing, and then goes off the rails.

So I've narrowed the problem to the archive-testing routine.

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