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Re: META key on Ti PowerBook

On Fri, Jul 26, 2002 at 08:26:55PM -0700, John Gilger wrote:
> The answer is probably obvious, but I guess I'm oblivious.
> I'm trying to use emacs -- a difficult task without a META key.
> Neither the option nor the Apple keys work for this in Debian or OS X. 
> This is strange since emacs is available in both OSs.
> Any Mac emacs gurus want to provide some META enlightenment for this 
> rock?

In the console, if you chose the macintosh standard keyboard, then 
the key engraved Option or Alt is your Meta key. If you chose the 
extended keyboard, then the key engraved with the apple or cloverleaf
on the left side of the space bar is your meta key. I chose extended 
because as a long time mac user I'm used to the command key.

If you chose a pc keyboard, all bets are off. To reconfigure your
keyboard, dpkg-reconfigure console-data.

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