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hardware donation: 43p IBM 7248 "carolina"

A donor has contacted me about donating an IBM "Carolina" based
PowerPC machine to the project. Evidently, Debian will run fine on
the carolina's but not without a little bit of tweaking (which the
donor has begun to document).

Evidently, The SMS has tests built in, and as it stands now seem to
pass all the internal diagnostics including the SCSI controller.

If there is a developer or project that would be able to make good use
of one of these machines, please reply to me off-list (I don't read
debian-powerpc). The donor is in Ontario so shipping is only realistic
to developers in North America and closer-proximity is always a plus.

B. Mako Hill                      |   Hardware Donations Delegate
mako@debian.org                   |   Debian - http://www.debian.org
http://people.debian.org/~mako/   |   hardware-donations@debian.org

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