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Re: please recommend a hardware

>>> [..] I happen to have an AmigaOne running Debian at home right now.
>> Where did you get this AmigaONE?
>> I wanted to buy a board from eyetech, but they said they will only 
>> ship them when AMIGA OS4 is finished even if I just want it for Linux. 
>> Is there another place to buy the AmigaOne-SE, instead from eyetech?
> I am on their developer list, together with Hyperion (who is finishing 
> AOS4) and a few others. Like I said, we're not quite ready for end user 
> release. So if you need a board yesterday, I would buy a Mac. If you can 
> wait a month or two, I would say an AmigaOne would fit you just fine.

After it comes out... why not buy a Mac anyway?
The AmigaOne looks to be pretty lame.

Unless you can run quiet (without any fan or spinning disk)
then the 600 MHz G3 is a joke. Here I have a 450 MHz G4,
first shipped about 2 years ago, that doesn't have a fan.

Introducing a new machine with these specs is insane:

case: bland, bulky, awkward, noisy
video: 2x AGP
mem: 133 MHz SDRAM
cpu: 600 MHz G3 (can't use MaxBus protocol)
ports: slow USB, slow Ethernet, worthless floppy and PS/2 mouse

You people are 2 or 3 years late. I pity your investors.
I have to wonder if everyone building the design knew
that it would be a disaster... but the investors were
dumb enough to pay, so why not?

It's not as if only Apple can get the G4, that's bullshit:

http://www.skycomputer.com/  (site being redone now)

> The trick is the firmware doesn't excactly make us frolic in the fields. 
> Yet. So you wouldn't be very happy with it as it is. The hardware seems 
> to work, though ;-)

Typical crap:

undocumented settings
bad to non-existant help (important -- can't check Google!)
command line w/o tab completion, arrow keys, history, backspace

Oooh, a SLOW motherboard+cpu for the price of a whole PC.
Yeah, that'll sell.

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