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Re: Modems on PowerBook 3400

Hello Aaron,

> When I type "cardctl insert", or when cardmgr
> is started on bootup, between the first beep and the second beep, I get:
> : panda:~# cardctl eject
> : tty00 unloaded
> : panda:~# cardctl insert
> : panda:~# isapnp: Scanning for PnP cards...
> : isapnp: No Plug & Play Device found
> : Serial driver version 5.05c (2001-07-08) with MANY_PORTS_SHARE_IRQ SERIAL_PCI ISAPNP
> : enabled
> : ttyS00 at port 0x03f8 (irq = 22) is a 16450
> : ttyS: 1 input overrun(s)
> : Usage: getty (yadda yadda yadda)
> : (getty spawns like a rabbit)

well, it doesn't look too bad - atleast, you got the PCMCIA controller
running and the card gets detected :) 

the "input overrun" problem: the pb2400 has a "wired" serial port
(printer/modem) AND an IRDA port (being at /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1);
when loading the PCMCIA card, /dev/ttyS1 gets "shadowed". 
At least, thats what it does here, running potato.

The *might* be a conflict with that - unfortunately, I can't help
you much, there. Try looking up docs if it's possible to map the
PCMCIA modem to anything above /dev/ttyS0 (best would be /dev/ttyS2);
hoever, I can't give you a clue if/how this would be possible.

(Anyone who's reading the list...?)

> : Socket 0:
> :   Vcc 5.0V  Vpp1 0.0V  Vpp2 0.0V
> :   interface type is "memory and I/O"
> :   irq 22 [exclusive] [level]
> :   speaker output is enabled
> :   function 0:
> :     config base 0x1040
> :       option 0x47 status 0x08 pin 0x00 ext 0x00
> :     io 0x03f8-0x03ff [8bit]
> : Socket 1:
> :   not configured
> To me, it looks like my actual serial port (printer/modem) on ttyS0 is sharing an interrupt
> with my pcmcial modem.  Could this be why pon and wvdial can't ever find a modem?
uhrm... actually, it should not. Atleast the pb2400 uses not an uart chip,
but some bizarre Z8530 controller. check dmesg for lines like the following:
PowerMac Z8530 serial driver version 2.0
tty00 at 0xc4a0b020 (irq = 15) is a Z8530 ESCC, port = modem
tty01 at 0xc4a12000 (irq = 16) is a Z8530 ESCC, port = IRDA
*if* there is an irq conflict, you'll see it there.

Why is there isapnp running? AFAIK mac does not have an ISA bus, so
why bothering? Possibly there is a mess-up with that?

Then, when the PCMCIA card initializes properls (both "beeps" are high and
short - are they already?), try using "minicom" package and tool; you
can "speak" with your modem directly.
(since if you haven't configured ppp yet properly, this might be another
case for failure). 

Use minicom as root; useful Modem commands are:
ATZ		- will reset the modem
ATD		- will go on-hook, you'll hear dialtone
ATD12345678	- will dial the number, enjoy the dialtones
+++ATH0		- will hang up
When typing them in the main window, characters should be
visible ("echoed" to you by the modem). If you can't see
anything, minicom didn't find the modem.
(NOTE: there is also an "Echo On" mode that tells Minicom to
also echo every character; you the must see every character
*twice* to have it properly working).


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