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Re: Infinite loop entering PCI Bus Ident during debconf of X

At 9:07 am -0500 19/7/02, Kent West wrote:
Kent West wrote:
I'm doing an install of Sid on a Blue&White G3. After doing the base install, I then ran "apt-get install x-window-system". After a while I was presented with the debconf screen to enter the PCI Bus Identifier for my video card (screen labeled "Configuring Xserver-sfree86"). The default is
I've left it at the default (as well as changing it in various ways, such as PCI:0:10:0 and PCI:0:16.0 and PCI:0:16 and PCI:0:16: and 0:16:0, etc) and then the next screen comes up and tells me to enter the bus in the proper format. I click on OK, and the cycle begins all over again. Even if the default numbers are wrong, it should be in the proper format, so I shouldn't be getting the screen telling me to put it in the proper format. This appears to be a bug in debconf, but thought I'd ask about it here first.

Yep, I'd call it a bug.

I Ctrl-C'd out of the setup and reran "apt-get install x-window-system" to get back to the start of configuring X, and this time told it to not manage X with debconf. The installation completed (of course leaving things broken).

Then I ran "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86", and this time when it asked for the PCI bus identifier, instead of entering
like the default, i entered
which worked.

Go figure.

In the upgrade from potato to woody the Dialog window specifies PCI:nn:nn:nn


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