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Re: Sleepy TiBook

>On Friday 19 July 2002 11:05 am, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
>> It was total mistery until recently. It seems ATI is reacting for our
>> query for informations, so there is some chance we get something working
>> if they reply with meaninful infos.
>Fantastic!  Is the issue that the ATI part isn't properly responding to the 
>request to switch back to D0? (Feel free to smack me around for my 
>learned-this-morning familiarity with Power Management). 

Either that or it doesn't properly enter D2 unless some other stuffs
are properly configured elsewhere. Go figure...

>> Another solution would be for me to put my hand on one of these (A friend
>> of mine has one not too far from where I live) and try to hack into the
>> MacOS driver to see how things work, but that is not guaranteed to be
>> successful and takes a lot of time.
>Understandable.  As I said, I've changed from 'pmud -a' to 'pmud -k', which 
>only turns off the LCD, and added 'hdparm -f -S 1 -Y /dev/hda' to the
list of 
>things to do when the lid closes.  I've bothered to ask all these questions 
>for other google-crawling-tibook-owners out there ;)
>Cory 'G' Watson
>Hack, lest ye rust.
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