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Re: get-apt issues & where can i get j2re1.3 for the ppc

Thank you Elizabeth and Chris,

I have been trying to get on the general list for a month.. i send in a request and reply to the confermation and no mail from the list ever comes.  So, with this question I sent it to the list and now I need to find a way in which I  can read it form the general-users list without being a member.  This is being sent to the user list and cc to the ppc.  I hope not to get any one upset.  I am not having much luck.  :(

As of the current situation.  I found the the proper blackdown java and put the info into my /etc/apt/sources.lists file and saw it in the dselect app.  I choose to install it and I can't do any thing due to the scannerdaemon being a stick in the mud.

The list of attemptes I have tried as of date.... not in any particular order

dpkg -r scannerdaemon
dpkg -r scannerdaemon --purge
apt-get remove scannerdaemon
apt-get -f remove scannerdaemon
apt-get -m remove scannerdaemon
apt-get dselect-upgrage --fix-missing
apt-get dselect-upgrage --fix-broken

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get install
apt-get remove

apt-get remove --no-upgrade
apt-get install --nop-upgrade

and many other combos but all don't work on this.. I just can't remove it at all...

I will  try in and go remove it by hand if i need to.. I will try that when I reboot back into debian.  (I had to send mail from my suse partition...


(sent to the debian-user list with a cc to the powerpc)

On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 00:31, Elizabeth Barham wrote:
A similar situation happened to me in regards to an applications'
init.d file not functioning properly so I just updated the init.d
script itself and then dpkg removed it fine. I did not try
Chris' suggestion of dpkg --remove.

As for j2re1.3 for the ppc, check out blackdown. They do have the sdk
for the ppc.


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