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Re: Fw: Woody install docs and Nubus

Title: Re: Fw: Woody install docs and Nubus
It seemed sensible to add to this thread

I'd be happy to create some notes for Debian Woody installation (but I'm v. Newbie).

I tried to install potato on a Mac 8100/80 (Nubus) earlier this year but failed get floppy access, ppp or X working.

I've just installed ADSL on an ethernet network here which gave me the ability to apt-get from the net.  I've reinstalled potato (booting from the DebianMkLinux Mach_kernel), upgraded to woody using apt-get and dselect with some guidance from:




Doing all this with a broadband connection is a breeze once you get over initial ignorance ;-)

I've hit a number of problems, most of which I've managed to resolve from web sources or the offical documentation but I'm a bit unsure of the best way forward with X.

I've tried (from first web reference above):

 apt-get remove xdm
 apt-get install wdm xserver-xfree86

I've tried (recommended by G. Branden Robinson in the thread) :

apt-get install x-window-system

startx gives:

Fatal server error
no screens found

I'm too stupid to know how to e-mail the log file to you (this is coming from another Mac) and it's v. long but it seems to suggest that the machine is not supported.  Before checking the latest version in the XFree86 CVS repository or filing a bug report, I would appreciate some guidance.



On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 10:45:13AM -0500, Joel Stutman wrote:
> > I had mkLinux up on my 7100/66 (about a year ago), it worked, but very
> > buggy, and I didn't have time to play with it.  >From time to time I review
> > the LINUX world to see what's happenning, and, last week,  I found your note
> > mentioning a way to get Woody up on your 6100, and spent the weekend getting
> > potato 2.2 r5 up using the ram disk mach kernel and 3 downloaded cd-images.
> > I really wanted woody, but couldn't decide between the stable, unstable,
> > etc.
> You don't have to make that choice right off the bat - initially, you
> just install Potato (which is presently aka stable), and you can upgrade
> to testing/frozen or unstable later.
> > Well, the result with potato is:
> >     I don't have floppy drivers,
> You don't have floppy drivers where? In Linux? The kernel does have
> support for the SWIM3 floppy controller. MacOS should as well.
> >     I don't have a printer driver for hp deskwriter driver,
> Hm. Don't know about this one.
> >     I can't get X working  because
> >         I'm missing fbdev (graphics driver) in xF86config, and
> >         I don't know what else yet.
> What video chipset is your 7100 outfitted with? I haven't had success
> with X on the 6100s, but that seems to be due to deficiencies in the
> ArielII framebuffer used in those systems.
I have the HPV nubus video card ".Built in VRAM Video" [Card ID 96 by Apple Computer] [version unavailable - probably 0.0] - This from Apple system [9.06] profiler.  Where can I find the chipset name?...By the way,  MKLinux's KDE worked (slow as molasses in the winter), but it worked.  In the install routine, I might have answered a question incorrectly....The installation documentation re powermacs is ugly.
Thanks, Derek, I am going to take your suggestion and re-install potato, and when I get to defining the dislay, I'll take some serious notes.

> > Could you take a moment to send me the site name from which you obtained the
> > install-disk-images?  I hope you have some sort of log as to what sites you
> > went to and what you downloaded.
> http://nubus-pmac.sf.net has install images for Potato (kernel + ramdisk
> image wrapped into one file). Just look under the "Kernels with
> Installers" heading.

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