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ANNOUNCING: OpenOffice.org 1.0.1 for PPC Linux

Announcing: OpenOffice.org 1.0.1 for PPC Linux

What is it?
OpenOffice.org provides a free (source LGPL and no $) almost drop-in 
replacement for Microsoft Office and is available for Solaris (Sparc and 
x86), Linux (x86 and PPC), WIN (NT, 200, XP, 98, 95, etc), and coming real 
soon now (RSN) for FreeBSD, NetBSD, Irix, and Mac OSX.  It provides almost 
transparent file access to Microsoft Office files.  

Please see http://www.openoffice.org for more info and additional download 
sites for major platforms.  PPC Linux specific download sites are provided 

What's New in This Release?
- built using gcc-3.1.1 pre 
- improved font handling
- new shared dictionary support
- user-installed hyphenation dictionaries now possible
- huge number of bug fixes and stability improvments

For a more complete listing of fixed bugs:


This version should work on stock Debian, SuSE 7.3, YDL 2.2 and YDL 2.3, 
and almost any other PPC Linux distribution using at least glibc 2.2.1.

Please Note:  Debian users may want to use the official Debian builds which 
include better desktop integration for Debian users and have been built 
and tested on Debian systems (although this version will work too)

This is the usual disclaimer.   OOo 1.0.1 should be a rock steady release 
but please don't complain if you loose everything!  I use it constantly 
and have not experienced any problems but I can make no guarantees.
If interested, you can build your own binary direct from source.
(see below).

Please check out http://www.openoffice.org for more info on the 
OpenOffice.org project

What's Available (English Only)?
- OOo_1.0.1c_LinuxPPC_installer.tar.gz
       md5sum: 432cf242c085fb3a3675779b393ed2b4
      64939379 bytes

- OpenOffice_README.ppclinux

inside the installer is a complete installation/setup
guide in pdf format.

Where can I download it?

And it is available from up-to-date YellowDog Linux Mirrors:

Hopefully it will appear on penguinppc.org sites soon.

Building your own from Source
Building your own OOo binary is not for the faint hearted and takes at 
least 2 gig of free disk space and up to date tools.  If you are 
interested in building your own version direct from source, please contact 
me and I will try to provide you with and recent or nedded patches and 
some short build instructions.  Right now the build of 1.0.1 requires gcc 

Kevin B. Hendricks

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