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Re: woody bootfroppies, mac 7200/90, quik problem

On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 14:14, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> i try to install woody on the given powermac with the latest
> bootfloppies. I chose the powermac flavor, and that kernel boots
> nicely and works, if booted from floppy. 

> i do not manage to make the system bootable from harddisk,
> however. i try to use quik like this:
> /target/sbin/quik -r /target -C /target/etc/quik.conf -v
> and the output seems fine to me.

> my guess is that the firmware is not playing along. what do i need
> to do to get this booting from harddisk? 

quik is one essential.  You also need to run nvsetenv to set several
variables in the pram (nvram) to establish the proper boot environment. 
There are general instructions on the quik project page for setting


You don't need to use any MacOS software for this, since you can boot
your Linux from a floppy.  use nvsetenv under Linux (apt-get install
powerpc-utils if necessary).

One simple approach that might work is to boot again from your Woody
installation boot and root floppies, then use dbootstrap's menus to
mount your swap and / partitions (no initialization so the contents are
preserved), and "make system bootable".  That runs quik (it should use
your quik.conf) and also does enough nvsetenvs to establish the correct
boot configuration.  I did this on a 7200/120 I set up recently to
recover hard disk booting after replacing the battery.

Email me if you can't get the dbootstrap approach to work and I'll send
you my 7200/120's nvsetenv settings.

-- good luck, SP

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