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mesa & dri-trunk

Hi all,

I'm trying to get a GL game I'm packaging to build on
powerpc(specifically, my TiBook).  When I use the xlibmesa-dri-trunk
debs, I get the following missing prototype:

    __GLXextFuncPtr glXGetProcAddressARB(const GLubyte *)

which is included in the regular mesa-dev debs.  Of course, when I
compile without dri, its too slow to play.  I don't know a lot about the
implementations of GL & friends, but after browsing some documentation,
it seems that this is part of a newer version of the glx library...  Is
this going to be included in later versions of xlibmesa?

Whats the best way to handle this?  Is there a different function or set
of functions that I could use instead thats supproted in xlibmesa?
I don't know if there is any accelerated support for nVidia cards under
ppc, but do I need to look out for anything with respect to this when
building my package?


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