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Re: [ANNOUNCE for PowerPC] OpenOffice.org 1.0.1rc and status update

"Jan-Hendrik Palic" <jan.palic@linux-debian.de> writes:

> You need 
> libstdc++4
> libstlport4.5gcc3.1 (>=4.5.3-5cjh2)
> libc6-2.2.5 (>=2.2.5-9.1)
> except libstdc++4 you can find the libs at 
>    deb http://openoffice.vpn-junkies.de/openoffice unstable main contrib
> Put this line into /etc/apt/sources.list and do:
> apt-get update ; \
> apt-get install openoffice.org openoffice.org-bin libstdc++4 \
> 		libgcc1lib stlport4.5gcc3.1 

Besides the typo that Michel already pointed out:

~ $ /usr/bin/openoffice running openoffice.org setup...
/usr/lib/openoffice/program/setup.bin: relocation error:
./libsal.so.3: undefined symbol:
_ZN4_STL12__node_allocILb1ELi0EE11_M_allocateEj setup failed.. abort

I installed both libstlport4.5 and libstlport4.5gcc3.1 and neither
removed the relocation error.


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