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Re: woody install success 7200/120

On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 01:02:55PM -0400, Steve Pacenka wrote:
> Hardware: 7200/120 with 48M, 2G hard drive recycled from a HP 9000 box. 
> All of this stuff was donated to a local computer recycler except the
> memory.  My objective is to demonstrate newer application software on
> discarded hardware, so the hardware gets put back into use instead of
> being scrapped.
> Installed from recent boot and root floppies, then http through
> motherboard ethernet to a DSL connection.  IP address, routing, and DNS
> are all successfuly set via DHCP to a Netgear router.  (sympathies to
> Colin Foran about current ethernet problems).
> xfree86 server config required fiddling with mouse and framebuffer
> settings /dev/input/mice for the ADB mouse.
> windowmaker is not a good window manager with a one-button ADB mouse. 
> The F11 and F12 keys are intercepted and changing the windowmaker config
> for mouse activity hasn't unmasked them.  Still fiddling.

I saw that on a recent update too. I tried Sawfish, and they still seemed to 
blocked (they didn't do anything at all). Hard to work without right-click.

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