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woody install success 7200/120

Hardware: 7200/120 with 48M, 2G hard drive recycled from a HP 9000 box. 
All of this stuff was donated to a local computer recycler except the
memory.  My objective is to demonstrate newer application software on
discarded hardware, so the hardware gets put back into use instead of
being scrapped.

Installed from recent boot and root floppies, then http through
motherboard ethernet to a DSL connection.  IP address, routing, and DNS
are all successfuly set via DHCP to a Netgear router.  (sympathies to
Colin Foran about current ethernet problems).

xfree86 server config required fiddling with mouse and framebuffer
settings /dev/input/mice for the ADB mouse.

windowmaker is not a good window manager with a one-button ADB mouse. 
The F11 and F12 keys are intercepted and changing the windowmaker config
for mouse activity hasn't unmasked them.  Still fiddling.

Activating audio required modprobe dmasound (made permandent via echo
dmasound >>/etc/modules ), chmod 666 /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer to allow
non-root to use sound.

xmms (with cdread) and mozilla are working adequately.  Not a bad
cd-audio and MP3 player.

openoffice.org 1.0 from openoffice.org (.tar.gz) is installed but will
be deinstalled.  It starts extremely slowly, and initially has a glacial
response to keyboard and mouse activity.  It gets faster after a few
minutes.  gkrellm reading on memory usage suggests that this is not
limited by memory; almost no swap usage even with 32M.  (Maybe gkrellm
is not reading memory usage right.  I can't believe that openoffice will
run in this little memory without severe thrashing.)

Remining todo are to get the emulated right mousebutton working and to
replace openoffice with abiword and gnumeric.

Good work by the ppc woody distribution team and the ppc porters!

-- SP

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